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Month one

It has just hit me. It’s already been a month since I left Montreal.

Throughout the past month I have been a vagabond traveling across continents for work – not complaining !
I still don’t feel like I have moved to Seoul as I am still living in a hotel.

Apartment hunting has begun. I am excited to have a home here.

Surprisingly enough, I haven’t had a culture shock. I feel at like this is where I belong. Of course, the language barrier is very present. Restaurants with Korean menus only (with no pictures) are very common. I need to have a Korean friend along if I want to order in these places, as the staff doesn’t speak English either – for the most part. But its worth it. The food is incredible.

Time has gone by waaaayy to fast. One month ago I was packing up my life; ready to take on this adventure on the other side of the world.
Today, I am in a little coffee shop in Gangnam, with Christmas music playing in the background. Spent my day riding the subway, searching for a snowboard helmet (in preparation for my Japan snowboard trip this Christmas !! ).

I am so grateful to be living this adventure abroad. So many amazing things have been happening to me.

The adventure is definitely real and I am taking in every moment of it.


-She lives (in Seoul) for adventure


  1. Christine says

    You’re lucky to live this adventure!
    I’m always happy to read your comments and have news from you.
    Take care of you!!


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