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A second glance at Bangkok

I had the chance to visit Bangkok about six months ago. Thailand had long been on my list of places to see and I finally planned a trip to do so. Who would have thought that I’d be back, six months later, for work purposes? Life is full of surprises !

Bangkok usually gets mixed reviews from travelers. Either you love it or you hate it. It’s not your typical Thailand beach scenery. It’s hectic, somewhat dirty, and full of culture.
It is also the central hub of Thailand so people travelling often pass by Bangkok for transfers to other parts of the country or of South East Asia.

I loved Bangkok.

Being here for a second time, under different circumstances, allowed me to see this city in a completely different perspective. I felt like a experienced more as a local than a tourist this time around.

From an economical point of view, the city is booming and its people are working hard to make it a world renowned city. Local entrepreneurs are starting businesses to compete with American conglomerates and trying to keep the money within the country. The business scene is growing at an extremely fast pace.

From a personal point of view, I have seen the tourist attractions on my last visit and was now traveling alone. I found myself really going for the things I really want to learn about this city. I went looking for the nearby coffee shops and local fitness studios. I walk around trying to find the best street food stands. All of this, with no real research, no Lonely Planet to direct me; just word of mouth and instinct.

Every morning, I left my hotel in search of a new coffee shop for breakfast instead of taking the easy option – eating at the hotel, which had a huge breakfast buffet.

I found INCREDIBLE coffee shops (might I remind you my love for coffee) in the little streets beside the hotel, each with a different vibe and atmosphere. My favourite of them was called Feelsogood Cafe. It was the most ordinary looking one but oh boy was the service great. The owner took the time to explain to me the beans used in his blend and made sure I enjoyed my time there. I returned later on in the week with a co-worker and the owner was so happy that I returned that he offered some complimentary waffles to thank me (which was really not necessary). The human contact you make with people like this is just priceless.


Bangkok has so much more than Khao San road and its gazillion massage parlours to offer.

It’s people & their culture are truly worth to be discovered.
Until next time !

-She lives for adventure in Bangkok


  1. Sounds amazing! I’ll be visiting Bangkok in just a few weeks and can’t wait! The Thai people I know are so warm and friendly, I’m sure it’ll be the same in Bangkok!


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