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Annyeong (안녕) !

My new life in Seoul has begun.

The past 72 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions.
It was hard leaving everything I had ever known and everyone I hold near and dear. Yet, the opportunity and experiences that await outweigh the negative aspects of leaving.

It is surprisingly easy to keep in touch with everyone, even with the 14h time difference.
I don’t think I have felt so much love and gratitude as I did over the past few days.
I hope my journey can inspire others to take the leap out of their comfort zone.

I am extremely happy I have decided to embark on this adventure.

Seoul is a beautiful city and is already surpassing my expectations.
English is spoken in bigger establishments and by the younger generation. Many people do not speak English. I need to get my Korean on !

Some things that have marked me so far:
COFFEE SHOPS GALORE – Literally at every 50m. I am the happiest girl in the world.
FOOD – It’s all amazing and cheap.
WORK – Koreans work long hours. However, lunch break is crucial. And then they drink a lot.
KOREAN AGE – It’s a thing. It differs from ‘international age’.
You are born and you are 1 year old as you have been living inside your mother’s womb for a year.
You also turn a year older at New Years, and not at your birthday.
Age is also very important here. The level of respect and authority is determined by your age and asking people their age upon meeting them is very common as to gauge who is superior to who. Not very good in my case as I am one of the youngest in the office. Then again, foreigners get to pull off a lot of things.

Once the leap has been taken, you realize that you were the only one stopping yourself from making it happen.
Let’s make the most out of this adventure.


-She lives for adventure

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