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Taking the leap

I’ve always had the dream of living abroad; indulging life in a completely new environment for an extended period of time. The feeling has been building up inside of me for many years, yet timing never seemed right. When is the time ever right?

Leaving all you know – your family, your friends, your job; your whole life basically, is not easy. In fact, it’s extremely scary, even if you know its what you want. It’s like standing at the edge of cliff and looking down at the pristine blue water. You must put your fears aside and just jump.

When you do take the jump, you suddenly feel free. All these emotions and doubts suddenly seem to go away. You know you’ve taken the right decision and it’s a decision you should’ve taken a long time ago. The hardest part is deciding to jump.

Over the past few months, I’ve been conditioning my life to make this dream of mine come true and decided to jump.
The time is now.
I have been voicing it to my surroundings to make sure that this time around, actions would be taken. People put me in contact with friends of friends who had taken a year off to travel or who were currently working abroad. I met so many inspiring individuals.
One thing led to another and I met the right people who were able to help me turn this dream into something tangible.

I am now ready to start a new adventure in Seoul, South Korea next month !
A work opportunity presented itself and I knew I had to jump on it.
Crazy how life works sometimes.
Timing is everything.

I am leaving it all behind with everything to look forward to.
A new chapter awaits!

-She lives for adventure

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  1. Lydia Becker says

    I find that you are a courageous girl to have left EVERYTHING behind but you are living a dream ans live it to the full est.

    Lydia Becker (Olivier’s mom)


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