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Conquering fear

  1.  the likelihood of something unwelcome happening.
  1. avoid or put off doing something because one is afraid.

Fear brings on a whole lot of adventures throughout a lifetime.
It stops us for doing so much, yet leaves us to grateful when we decide to push it off.
Why does one fear so much?

The fear of failure/rejection

The number of conversations I’ve had about starting a business with friends are endless. Yet, every time, the same excuse comes up after we pitch an idea; “Great idea, but that won’t work”. We never end up developing the idea as we stop ourselves straight from the beginning by fear that this idea won’t be a game changer. We create too high expectations for ourselves and fear not achieving these.  So instead of taking ideas to the next lever, we kill them right off.
Same goes for relationships. We often refrain from expressing our ideas/feelings to others in fear that we will be laughed at, shut down or plain rejected.

Like it or not, we live in constant fear of being rejected, making the wrong decisions, heading in the wrong directions, wasting our time – not living up to the expectations put on us by our surroundings. We always seem to rationalize ourself instead of just acting upon our desires.

We overthink it all.
Knowing what you want is nothing to be afraid of. Go get it girl.

When faced with a situation, ask yourself: “What’s the worst that can happen?”
Often times, “the worst” is nothing you can’t overcome or take on.
Of course you will not always get the desired results – failure and rejection will be part of the game, but that will just make you stronger as an individual.
At least you won’t have to live with the “what ifs”.

She lives fearlessly.

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